Tony Scandrett

Incensed by social injustices, Tony Scandrett creates works with autobiographical themes, connecting personal histories to the collective experience that engages with wider social narratives.

His theatre is tried and untried, deriving from all sources, and always endeavouring to make a difference.

Current Project

It's Hard Being Middle-Class

Prompted by a chance statement in the 1970’s “There are four colleges you can walk to from your front door.  And none of you will ever go to them”.

‘It’s Hard Being Middle-Class’ is a play about crossing the class divide

How does someone from a council estate emigrate to middle-class land?

Why didn’t I go to those colleges, so close to where we lived? So close that it was 175 strides from my front door-I’ve been back to pace it.

I’m trying to make sense of the two worlds that seem to never come together.

Why did it take 45 years to walk 175 steps?

Previous Projects


Raze is set in the ruins so tangibly described in another play ‘Have I None’ written by Edward Bond.

This play is set in the future (2077) so it is fair to assume that Raze is set in the same period. However, it could be argued that Raze is equally relevant to our world today.

The unthinkable events in the play run parallel to rapidly changing circumstances that are developing in the global economy. Holland for example has voted for humanitarian euthanasia for people suffering immense pain through illness. This is indeed a humanitarian gesture but how long will it take for this way of thinking to extend to other reasons for ending a life?

Economics govern how we operate in the world today and some members of society are deemed a drain on the economy rather than contributing to it. Could the unthinkable happen, could those human ‘sewers’ become dispensable in a monsoon of money? Or is it already happening, not literally culling people of course but people being forgotten and marginalised in a society of affluence that then creates the ruins in people’s minds.

We have labelled ourselves Homo Sapiens but more and more we are evolving into Homo Economicus. Unthinkable? As Bond says ‘what is unthinkable is not unimaginable’.

Left Holding the Baby

A short one-character presentation of a typical scenario about teenage pregnancy. The male partner is deserted by the mother of his child - he is left to look after the baby.

The initial inspiration came as a surprise-an overheard chance statement in a fish and chip shop. A child was repeating the word ‘Mum’ to get attention. The Mum’s response was ‘I’m going to change my name to Dad, because I don’t think you know that word’.

The piece is aimed at young people aged 13 years to be presented in the school classroom.

It can be performed by the participants. The intention is to explore the implications of teenage pregnancy.

There is a booklet written to compliment the piece with a script including a recommended drama workshop. 


What people are saying about Tony's work

“Loved it. Felt so connected to this. True heartfelt story.”

“Super relatable about being stuck in the middle of two worlds.”

“It resonated because it was spoke honestly.”

“I loved the piece and the performance- very well paced.”


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